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Our Shipping and Refund Policies


We aim to ship your order in the span of 10 business days from initial order. 

This timeframe varies depending on the product purchased. Products featuring: Customization/Special requests, placed on Pre-Order/Advanced Pre-Order will take as long as their product page states they will. 

Products not listed as 'Pre-Order' or not fitting into the categories listed above will be delivered in the estimated 10 business day timeframe from initial order. Any delays will be announced.


We use NZPost ( to post our orders, who hand over the shipment to your local/regional delivery service. Every Kiwibricks order (once shipped) includes a tracking number to track your order via NZPost. 

If you are having issues tracking your parcel, first:

1. Contact us at
If the issue is not due to our own fault, we will contact NZPost and sort the issue for you.

2. If the product has been successfully handed over from NZPost to your local/regional delivery service, but you cannot track it following the handover, use your existing tracking number on your regional handler's tracking website to continue tracking live.

Regional Shipping/Import Fees

Any and all regional taxes and fees applied to your order when importing it into your country are on you, the customer, to pay in order to import your purchase to you. Kiwibricks has no obligation to pay these Fees and refusal from the customer to pay said fees can be resolved by requesting a return of your purchase. 

You can contact us using the email below in regards to these statements.

Return and Refund Policy

Our Return and Refund Policy states that you have a 30 day period to request a return after receiving your purchase.

To be able to request a return, the item(s) purchased must be in the state received in, unused and in the original packaging it was received in. A proof of purchase (digital receipt) must be provided.

When requesting a return, contact us using the email below.

When shipping the returned items, use the sender's address provided on the packaging slip included.


Upon receiving and inspecting the returned purchase, we will notify you on the validity of the return request and refund your purchase. This refund can take up to 10 business days following approval of refund.

Contact our email below if this process extends past 10 days.

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