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Along with our production kits, we also provide commissioned Building Kits using the same high quality LEGO® Bricks as our staple Military Themed sets.

We offer a free design consultation where we will draft a concept design for you within 48 hours of replying to your initial email inquiry.

Our current capacities/ability for commission inquiries are:

50+ Units

Custom UV Printing  (Logos*, Custom Minifigures etc).

Graphic Designing provided FREE OF CHARGE

Piece counts**: Small (1-250) to Large (251 - 500)

(Larger piece counts = larger cost, reduced significantly if brought in bulk)

Our current requirements/charges for commission inquiries are:

MINIMUM order of 25 units

NO MAXIMUM order (just be reasonable for a small business)

New Zealand/Australia Based Business/Individual

Appropriately themed/natured request (no 18+, overly violent etc).

Fixed charge for Design of model upon order confirmation

*NO Logos or company signage printed on any part of a Minifigure

**Parts count confirmed after final design confirmed

If you are interested in commissioning a kit for yourself or your business, contact us at!

Some examples of previous commissions

M113AS4 Australian APC

For a Customer in Australia - Photos used with Permission

M113AS4 3.jpg
M113AS4 2.jpg

Hill Site Repair

For WISPA NZ, featuring an All Terrain Vehicle, a Rural Tower and Two custom Minifigures.

Wispa Kit RENDER.png

PRIMO NZ Birthday Kit

 For PRIMO NZ, featuring an All Terrain Vehicle, a Rural Tower, Mt.Taranaki and a custom Minifigure.

Primo Kit.png
Primo Kit Sleeve w 3mm bleed.png

Rural Connectivity Symposium 2024 in Rotorua

 For the Rural Connectivity Symposium 2024, featuring a Mud Pool,

the famous Roto-Vegas Sign and a Rural Tower

WISPA 2024 Kit Sleeve 154mm x 388mm.png
Wispa 2024 Sleeve Front.png

SEPECAT Jaguar Gr.1 - Supersonic Jet Attack Aircraft

For an American customer, featuring handfuls of Custom printing and a Custom Minifigure.

SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1.png
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