"With my love for playing with LEGO® at a young age, I have used what materials I've had to build the best quality models I could, which begun with Trains and small, not so impressive buildings (what do you expect from a 6 year old?). Many years went by and I pulled the boxes upon boxes of parts out and started building, this time with an overall Idea of what I want to build. This grew to me making completely scratch built airplanes such as the famous Lancaster, B-25 Mitchell and P-51."


"This ultimately led to me now, starting this web store to share my passion for bricks, aviation and the machines built and utilized by the greatest generation, whom I had a great grandmother from. I also want to show other designers in the NZ region that you can easily set something like this up, and I'd love to see more New Zealanders showing and even selling their designs to the public, to spark creativity in the minds of younger and older fans of Lego®"


                                             Jack Smith- Owner & Designer for

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