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About Kiwibricks -  Our Story

Currently, Team KB (Kiwibricks) consists of a small team of friends and family who are looking to produce the highest quality building kits using the medium of LEGO® and its various building systems, to offer a middle ground between high-quality, highly detailed, and highly printed models, and affordable, low-cost and easily accessible models for all demographics in the LEGO® community.


Founded by our lead and currently, only designer, Jack Smith, Kiwibricks was born after his entry into the LEGO® military community, after discovering the community during the boredom brought on during the first COVID Lockdown in New Zealand. Originally posting much simpler MOCs than compared to those seen as kits or digital renders now, these builds, include builds of aircraft such as the Avro Lancaster, B-17, P-51D, and C-47 Dakota. These builds quickly advanced in quality as he adopted as his primary format for designing builds, removing physical and part restrictions when designing whatever came to mind. Currently, he has designed pieces of military equipment from a range of recent historical eras and conflicts, with a major focus on the Second World War and the modern conflicts that followed it. 

Since then, he has gone on to design multiple models for sale via Kiwibricks, alongside multiple commissions for both individuals and companies, with one, in particular, resulting in a massive batch of 50 kits being sent out to multiple industry leaders in the field that our client resided in, a proud achievement for Kiwibricks. Jack has also gone on to design two kits so far for Brickmania®, using the profits from the sale of these designs to directly fund the next Kiwibricks kits.


During 2022, we released 2 Kits to the public: The MiG-28, released to coincide with the debut of Top Gun: Maverick in theatres, and the LRDG Truck, both of which have sold phenomenally well and have received great reviews from those who ordered them. As we come into 2023 we are planning to have our busiest year yet, with the SAS 4x4 Raider, LRDG CWT Truck, A-4E Aggressor, and A-4K/TA-4K being just some of the kits we plan to sell this year. 2022 also saw the release/announcement of our major themes: Medittereanen Bricks (consisting of vehicles fielded by the Allies and Axis powers in the North African campaigns of WW2), Hollywood Bricks (featuring vehicles and Minifigures based on those seen in iconic film and cinema), with Kiwi'23 being 2023's theme (featuring RNZAF operated aircraft and equipment both from the past, recent past and present).


Besides this year's plans, we also want to show other designers in the NZ region that you can easily set something like this up, and we'd love to see more New Zealanders showing and even selling their designs to the public, to spark creativity in the minds of younger and older fans of LEGO®.


                                                         Jack Smith - Lead Designer and Owner of 

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