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Kiwibricks 2022 & Beyond Projects

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As we enter the new year, we plan to release new products ranging from accurate 1:35 scale Aircraft to their accompanying Vehicles and Equipment.

To keep these releases uniform, we have decided to stick with bi-annual and annual themes, allowing us to focus on different eras, themes, nations etc. Below is a sample of potential themes we would love to delve into, featuring kits based on the aircraft and vehicles commandeered by real war heroes, along with the potential inclusion of custom minifigures to pilot them! Although the supplier(s) of said minifigures has not been confirmed, we will try our best to have them included, alongside custom stickers/printed parts to make these kits pop.

Note that Nothing below is confirmed and that selected projects, dates and themes may change.

commonwelath poster 2.jpg

Theme 1


From 'Down Under' to the Crown Jewel, the British Commonwealth nations were vital allies to Britain and her war effort, supplying resources and troops to the Island during and following her "Darkest Hour".

Theme 1 'Commonwealth' is set to include Aircraft and Equipment utilized by various nations of the British Commonwealth, such as Lend-Lease, British supplied or 'home-grown' vehicles from campaigns ranging from the Pacific Theatre and the Western Front to the Middle-East, North Afrika and Italy.

Current Kits under consideration include:

  • Spitfire Mk.XVIE (Based on real Aircraft)

  • Mosquito FB.VI (Based on real Aircraft)

  • P-40 Tomahawk (Based on real Aircraft)

  • P-40 Kittyhawk

  • LRDG Truck

  • Valentine Mk.III

Theme 2

The Battle of Britain 'The Darkest Hour'

Perhaps one of the most decisive battles of the war, the Battle of Britain became a house-hold name due to the successful defense of England's skies by Fighter Command and it's daring pilots, who flew too many sorties 


Theme 2 'Battle of Britain' is set to include Aircraft and Equipment utilized by the Royal Air Force and their opponent in the skies, the Luftwaffe. 

Current Kits under consideration include:

  • Hurricane Mk.1

  • RAF 'Tea Hut'

  • Bf-109E

  • Arado Ar 196

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