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2023's theme is...

2023's theme is...

See what's coming this year

See what's coming this year

Every year we try and cover a different theme and create kits relating to it. In 2022 and continuing on this year we are covering the North African Campaign with Meditteranean Bricks 2022, with 2 kits being released under this theme: the LRDG Truck and SAS 4x4 Raider.

This year we are focusing on aircraft and equipment from classic Hollywood movies, depicting examples from both the good and bad sides of films, an example of the latter, the MiG-28, was released in 2022 and is still available for purchase. To go along with this kit, we are planning to release kits of:

A-4E / Instructor's Aggressor

F-14A / Miniature Display Model

P-40E / Pearl Defender

P-40E Warhawk - Pearl Defender.png

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